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Adsweaver Advertising Network delivers cost effective and result driven online ads.Website Owners can make money from their website by publishing our ads on ther site and advertisers can reach their audience by leveraging on our global network.

Adsweaver is a global online advertising network  that specializes in results. Adsweaver delivers advertisements to consumers which enables targeting, tracking and reporting of impressions in creative ways

Our advertising network allows access to the majority of the world's leading exchanges, networks and premium sites. Through our expanded ad network, we are able to drive targeted and affordable traffic for Advertisers, enabling publishers to show relevant and profitable ads by delivering relevant, targeted, and high paying ads.

We serve text, image, flash ads, mobile ads, video ads, Google Style ads, Facebook Style ads, Yahoo style ads, Banners of difference sizes, adsense in standard sizes. In addition we serve full page ads, pop-up and pop-under ads, page peel ads, sticky ads, takeover ads and Multiple DHTML ad types: Virtual pages, Slide in, News style, Complete page, etc.

Get started today by registering on the adsweaver network.

Address  MiB Business Plaza,
1715 Ogudu Road,
Ojota, Lagos
Tel: +2349099918300
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