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Entrepreneurship & Innovation Seminars


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New Tactics for New Future.

{Entrepreneurs Are the Engine. Technology Is the Fuel}


At SBwB, we stress the importance and value of continuous professional development at every level of the company, from our internal training programs to conducting seminars for our students and clients on the issues affecting their business or career success.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Seminar Series is our commitment to improving the competitiveness of our students, members, clients, businesses and professionals with training materials designed to enhance business and career performance.

                                        People Are Our Best Asset.

                                             June Topic/Theme: 

Entrepreneurship & Corporate Intrapreneurship: Potentials Are Explosive & A Secret Weapon For Success.

  • Changing Mindset, Teaching Skillset & Sharing Toolset.
  • The key to community and global economic recovery.
  • Connecting Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Growth.
  • Join A Global Community of People Dedicated to the Value of Change.
  • Such an important catalyst for the local and global economy

SBwB event features a distinguished line up of speakers, thought leaders, educators who will share their expertise on every aspect of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility, Mentoring, Good Governance and so on.

Who should attend Entrepreneurship & Innovation Seminars? EVERYONE

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Managers, CEOs, Start-Ups, Undergraduates, Ministers, Graduates,Non-Graduates, Youth, Corporate Organizations, Women, Entrepreneur , Media Organizations, Business Advocate, Directors, Managers, Industry Expert, Change Agent, Directors and ……EVERYONE.

Benefits of Attending SBwB Monthly Seminars

  • Broadening customer and client base.
  • Breaking down Career & Business Myth: Let’s talk business
  • Never has the need to innovate and be entrepreneurial been more urgent than NOW.
  • Developing new products, services and markets.
  • The key to community and global economic recovery.
  • Acquiring strategic businesses or assets
  • Attracting and retaining key people.
  • Improving operational efficiency, time management and competency.
  • Networking with industry and thought leaders
  • A flux of interesting people to collaborate with.
  • Idea Fast Pitch Opportunity.
  • A community of like-minded folks
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship always goes hand-in-hand
  • Deal with the things you’ve been letting slide
  • Clean up your operational messes. Lose fat, build muscle.

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Venue: Ocean Suites & Hotels,
             1/3 Safuratu Sekoni Street,
             Behind R-Jolad Hospital, 
             New Garage,Gbagada - Lagos.

Time: 12.00 Noon - 4pm

Address  Ocean Suites & Hotels
1/3 Safuratu Sekoni Street,
Behind R-Jolad Hospital, New Garage-Gbagada
Lagos, Lagos

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